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Dole wants my Land


My name is Marina. I'm a 56-year old farmer. I own a 4-hectare land that has been the source of livelihood for my family. Dole company, the biggest banana producer in the world, wants to lease my land for 15 years at US$200 per hectare per year. I refused because I know the impact of their pesticides on our health and the environment. Dole is persistent. So am I. I will not give up my land even if I constantly get harassed and intimidated by Dole through the local government and the military.

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Photos of human rights violation in Indonesia


Photos of human rights violation in Indonesia: Save Moro moro Campaign; Human rights education and protest in West Kalimantan Province; Destruction of property in East Java

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Paanama villagers' campaign for land and rights


Paanama Villagers affected by land grabbing work together with land activists to demand their rights to land and resources

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Anti oil palm plantation leader killed


Before his death, Gilbert Paborada was a participant of an international fact finding mission in Opol, Misamis Oriental a province in southern Philippines. The mission revealed scores of human rights violations in their community.

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No Sweet Deal: community resists Chinese sugarcane land grab


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